For someone who has needed to evolve, grow, development and deal with the many changes, setbacks and opportunities which have come my way, the one thing which I have always kept in mind is that we need to be flexible.

Being prepared to change or shift is something which many of us tend to be reactive to so when something goes outside of the plans we made, we wished we had been more forward looking and proactive.

In 2021, we can take what we have experienced, not just in 2020 but over our lives to look forward in new ways and with greater insight.

My top 5 tips right now are:

Upskill in the right way

look at the skills you have today and review where the gaps may be. A great way to do this is to review how you work and undertake some internal reflections – then pick the top ones to build up. This can be taken further by
taking some assessments which provide further insights and reports about an individual looking at various factors and competencies. Finally, a great way to see how others see you is to ask for feedback – ask people around you to be honest and share their observations and views. Once you have a view of where to focus on, the steps and actions can be taken to upskill, be that technically, through coaching or through soft skills training.

Look at your brand

Just like a company, an individual is a brand, you have your own identify, tag line and associated behaviours. The brand is how others perceive you and how they see behaviours matching what is being said. Creating a brand
identity involves looking at who you are, what you represent, your beliefs, your own vision all the way through to your personal SWOT analysis. Once you are clear on Brand You – then you can take the steps and actions to put it out there.

Be prepared

Being agile and flexible is something we have all learnt through the experiences and challenges faced in life. By being prepared that things will change, people will be late, the technology may let you down or a deal is pulled creates a mindset that is ready for various eventualities. This means that things won’t be too much of a shock and you are ready with alternative options in your mind which can then be effectively communicated to others.

Focus on your people

Everyone is a leader whether you are a parent, spouse, manage one person or a thousand. Think about what is means to be lead well and what kind of person you want to be. People require the support of their managers and leaders so that they can work effectively and have the psychological safely of the workplace. Give them the platform to share, express, grow and develop. Give them your time and truly listen – if there is one thing that being a coach has taught me, it is that listening is far more powerful than just the words being heard.

Thinking outside of the box

we hear this term so often and during time of uncertainty being creative becomes key. Being able to look at situations and find creative ways to manage them or coming up with innovative ideas to undertake a work project is about thinking outside of the box. I often speak to my team members and my clients with the same approach, what could you do differently in the situation you are in? For some, it is powerful to have the space to think about the options and for others, they need that handholding – this is where the role of the leader of leaders is key.

Whilst we have people to lead and manage, the ability to adapt, evolve and grow will be key. It is those leaders who are open to the growth and willing to self-reflect who are experiencing a shift in themselves and those around them.

Philippe Mathijs is the CEO and Co-Founder of Reach Outstanding. He is an award-winning executive coach and experienced leader across many industries. He works with clients to achieve their goals and create the best version of themselves. Philippe believe into tapping into the potential of others to create a ripple effect for good.